Qualifications & Criteria

NOHHF High School Scholarships

NOHHF High School Scholarships are one-year scholarships given to individual Hispanic students who have financial need and a strong academic record. The funds for each such scholarship are sent directly to participating schools to help such individual students. Each qualified participating school in the program recommends a list of candidates to the NOHHF Scholarships Committee. Since funding for the program is limited, schools rank their scholarship candidates according to their criteria and make recommendations using the NOHHF criteria as a guide. The NOHHF Scholarships Committee then reviews the recommendations and makes a final determination on them based on the availability of funds and other criteria.

Hispanic students from participating schools are eligible to be considered for the NOHHF Scholarships if they meet all of the following criteria: (Only candidates recommended by their schools are eligible.)

  1. Academic excellence. The candidate must have a strong academic record and a minimum 3.0 grade point average.
  2. Hispanic resident of Louisiana. The candidate must be a Hispanic resident of the State of Louisiana.
  3. Hispanic Interests and attributes. The candidate must be interested and involved in Hispanic culture and affairs, as evidenced by his or her proficiency in the Spanish language and literature including knowledge of , previous and current enrollment in Hispanic related academic subjects, and the like.
  4. Financial need. The candidate must have financial need. The assets and income of the student’s family or guardian are taken into account.
  5. No close family ties to NOHHF. Candidates may not be the children or stepchildren of current or former Board members, employees or contract workers of the NOHHF; provided, however, that an individual shall not be considered a former Board member, employee or contract worker of the NOHHF for the purpose of this criterion if his/her tenure or employment period, as the case may be, terminated at least one year prior to the school year for which the candidate is otherwise eligible.

If a candidate meets all the above criteria, the candidate may be considered for a NOHHF scholarship based on other factors, including but not limited to (and in no particular order):

    • Grade point average
    • Class standing
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Honors and awards, with emphasis on Spanish language and literature
    • Ranking in school list
    • Depth of financial need
    • Community service involvement
    • Written statements from schools
    • Whether the candidate is a prior recipient of a NOHHF Scholarship


NOHHF University Scholarships

NOHHF University Scholarships are awarded under a special program of the NOHHF Scholarships Committee to selected outstanding seniors graduating from certain public and parochial schools in the New Orleans area for their freshman year in college.


Cristina Fowler will forever remain in our hearts. To make a donation to the foundation in her name, please click here.

2017 Scholars Ceremony

The New Orleans Hispanic Heritage Foundation honored its 2017 scholars from the finest public, private and parochial schools in the New Orleans area, awarding 53 scholarships and providing the environment for the scholars and their families to meet their heads of schools and school counselors, as well as the members of the Board of Directors of the NOHHF and many friends and sponsors of the Foundation. 34 graduating seniors and 19 underclassmen from 17 participating local high schools were recognized at the 2017 ceremony and reception which took place at the Henson Auditorium of Isidore Newman School, in New Orleans, on April 26th.

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2018 Azúcar Ball

The 2018 Azúcar Ball promises to be a fantastic affair. Our most important fundraising event of the year will take place Saturday, December 1st, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, 601 Loyola Avenue, starting with the Patron Party at 7:00PM and followed by a fun-filled Ball at 8:00PM. Great music, dancing, food from New Orleans’ finest restaurants, great silent auction, a unique raffle and much more. Mark your calendar!! Save-the-date cards are being sent out prior to the invitations.