Scholarships Program

72B_0104Each year, the New Orleans Hispanic Heritage Foundation (“NOHHF”), a non-profit community organization, awards high school scholarships to talented Hispanic students at local schools participating in the NOHHF Scholarship Program.  NOHHF High School Scholarships are one-year scholarships given directly to participating schools to help individual Hispanic students who have financial need and a strong academic record.  Each qualified school participating in the program recommends a list of candidates to the NOHHF Scholarships Committee.  Since funding for the program is limited, schools rank their scholarship candidates according to their criteria and make recommendations using the NOHHF criteria as a guide.  The NOHHF Scholarships Committee then reviews the recommendations and approves or disapproves them, based on the availability of funds and other criteria. Since 2011 the NOHHF also awards special one-year university scholarships to certain outstanding local seniors selected from local public and parochial high schools for their freshman year in college. Over 70 such first-year university scholarships have been awarded so far.